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All post offices in Qalubia ( 56)

Post offices work at saturday in Qalubia Post offices has afternoon work schedule in Qalubia Post offices has one window in Qalubia
Office Address Postal code Work Saturday
Banha country Saad Zaghloul Square / Banha 13511 Not Available
New Banha City Penha Palace of Culture / u Lhalaly 13512 Available
Manshyet to new Banha country Saad Zaghloul Street 13513 Not Available
Kafr Mnagher Abdel Hafez Street / Banha 13514 Available
Badawi facility Wholesale market / Banha 13515 Not Available
The new sub Banha City Council housing behind SSI Banha 13516 Not Available
Chinese porcelain Chinese porcelain and / Shubra 13517 Not Available
Banha University Inside the headquarters of the League / Banha 13518 Not Available
Qalioub station City Council housing Qalioub / u station Center 13611 Not Available
Qalioub country Qalioub El Sultan Hussein City 13612 Not Available
Com Aschwin The village of Kom Aschwin / Qalioub - St. army 13615 Not Available
Balqus Village Balqus / Qalioub 13616 Not Available
Rarely Village rarely Qalioub Central St. 13617 Not Available
Qanater Central / Alguenataralkhiria building 13621 Available
Qalioub country sub Behind the popular arena Qalioub country 13632 Available
Sidi Abdel Rahman bin Auf Sidi Abdel Rahman Street / Qalioub 13636 Not Available
Kafr Shukr sub City Council housing Kafr thanked 13698 Not Available
Shibin Spans Public housing / Shibin Spans 13711 Not Available
Sheblenga Village Sheblenga Banha 13716 Not Available
Kafr Shukr The village of Kafr thanked Gamal Abdel Nasser Street 13718 Not Available