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All post offices in Giza ( 53)

Post offices work at saturday in Giza Post offices has afternoon work schedule in Giza Post offices has one window in Giza
Office Address Postal code Work Saturday
Shooting Club 0 Available
Tourism Pyramid Another Pyramid Street 12512 Available
Teresa brief The main street / village Teresa / brief 12518 Available
Recruitment Giza Next to the bus -Ahram / ​​Giza Plateau position 12522 Available
Mohammed Island Muhammad / Warraq / m Island Police Warraq 12523 Available
Western Urban El -Sadr Hospital / Western Urban m .
12552 Available
Briqash Local Unit / m Briqash building Embaba 12562 Available
Church St. freedom in front of the mosque alwastany / brief 12565 Available
October 6 Club نادى 6 اكتوبر 12591 Available
Bulaq Dakror Railway station Bulaq Dakror 12616 Available
Shooting Club within the club Inside Shooting Club / Club Fishing St. Dokki 12627 Available
Island and upscale urban Local Unit / Island and refined urban 12665 Available
New enlightening Block 14 El Airport / enlightening Western / Giza popular housing 12675 Available
Ghammaza Minor Village Ghammaza Minor / M.
12811 Available
Manor Airport _ Imbaba Services manor house Airport / m Osim 12815 Available
Alrhowy Alrhowy village / facility barrages / Embaba 12822 Available
A_khasas Almnashy Ekhsas Almnashy / facility Spans 12825 Available
Hnbary Hnbary / Osim Center 12832 Available
Algelatemh Algelatemh / Manshyet archways Center / Village District VI 12866 Available
Radwan facility Village Radwan facility 12869 Available