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All post offices in Giza ( 94)

Post offices work at saturday in Giza Post offices has afternoon work schedule in Giza Post offices has one window in Giza
Office Address Postal code Work Saturday
Giza first 10 ش مراد / جيزة 12511 Not Available
Spring Gizy Interests / Giza complex building 12515 Not Available
Giza fourth Public housing / barmaid Macki / brief 12516 Not Available
Munib Slaughterhouse automated Street Mounab / brief 12519 Not Available
Provision of Giza Egypt Building Insurance Giza / field 12521 Not Available
Giza station Giza railway station 12525 Not Available
Queen Palm Street 12549 Not Available
Urban East 34 El cooperation / Urban eastern m .
12551 Not Available
Student 10 Suwaylim u / student / brief 12553 Not Available
Central Ahram Central Street pyramid / brief 12555 Not Available
Al Ahram Last pyramid Mena House Hotel Street 12556 Not Available
City perfume 26 شارع مدينة العطور / الطالبية البحرية 12558 Not Available
Kvrnsar Infidels Nassar next to the health unit 12559 Not Available
District VI October District VI / 6 neighboring 6th of October City near the Commercial Market 12563 Not Available
Seventh Quarter October Seventh Quarter adjacent first p 022 6th of October City 12564 Not Available
Services _ October 6 complex District VI next passports M 11 12566 Not Available
Khalid ibn al Walid Giza Residential architecture in Khalid bin Walid Al-Haram / ​​m .
Giza St. fulfillment and hope
12567 Not Available
Distinguished District Distinguished District adjacent 3 Commercial Market / October 6 12568 Not Available
Shooting 108 Shooting housing / next to the club 12572 Not Available
October 6 main District 12 18:00 Central Building October 6 12573 Not Available