Post offices work at saturday in Gharbiya - 1

All post offices in Gharbiya ( 16)

Post offices work at saturday in Gharbiya Post offices has afternoon work schedule in Gharbiya Post offices has one window in Gharbiya
Office Address Postal code Work Saturday
Tanta sub Taha al-Hakim / Tanta St. 31512 Available
Goldsmiths Tanta city of St. goldsmiths 31513 Available
Loving the field Tanta sweet u City 31515 Available
Area recruiting Tanta Tanta area recruiting / Tanta 31529 Available
Western Traffic Management El Mahalla Tanta railway Bjawaralkopry upper 31531 Available
Kafr El Zayat second Kafr El Zayat City 31612 Available
Samanoud Almlah- public housing district 31621 Available
Zifta sub Zifta City / Main Street 31642 Available
Alsentp sub City Alsentp 31683 Available
Unit Kafr El Zayat passage Traffic inside the building in Kafr El -Zayat 31688 Available
Unit Zifta passage Zifta passage inside the building 31689 Available
Qutour Station Square / Qutour 31726 Available
Basyoun sub City Basyoun the old Post Office Building 31778 Available
Spinning Musr_ Mahala Misr Spinning and Weaving / Talaat Harb St. building next to the police station 31952 Available
Sndfa U / Abu Al-Hassan mosque's imam 31959 Available
Barns Fisherman Architecture / Barns field Mahalla 31961 Available