Post offices has one window in Cairo - 1

All post offices in Cairo ( 209)

Post offices work at saturday in Cairo Post offices has afternoon work schedule in Cairo Post offices has one window in Cairo
Office Address Postal code Work Saturday
Cairos main Ataba Square / 1 Abdel Khalek Tharwat St. field 11511 Not Available
Bab El Louk 21 El floral / Bab El Louk / astronomer field 11513 Not Available
Ministries Ministry of Works building / editing 11514 Not Available
Television Television / Nile Corniche building 11515 Not Available
Parliament Council u people 11516 Not Available
Abbasid 5 El Salim Abdo Abdo field Abbasid Pasha 11517 Not Available
Mohamed Farid 1 Mohamed Farid Street / Cairo 11518 Not Available
Garden City Liberation complex building 11519 Not Available
Divans Nubar / field Lazoghli St. 11521 Not Available
Ramses 57 Ramses Street / Azbakia 11522 Not Available
Faggala 11 SE St. Balvjalh / Uzbek 11523 Available
Ministry of Education The Ministry of Education Building 11524 Not Available
Tenth District Tenth district 14 El Mahdy Arafh- Tower seedbed 11528 Not Available
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Foreign / Maspero / Bulaq Ministry building 11531 Not Available
Ministry of Tourism 5 Adly Street / Ministry of Tourism / Uzbek 11534 Not Available
_ Second Abbasid 2 El chateaux Abdu Pasha Square 11535 Available
Cairo Sporting Club Ahmed Maher Square island Cairo 11536 Not Available
Third Abbasid 137 Ramsis St. / Abbasid at the headquarters of the Islamic Unity Society 11539 Not Available
Cairos main parcels Ataba / post office building 11541 Not Available
Land way St. workshops telephone / Land way Shubra 11549 Not Available